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Takoma Park House Project

Takoma Park House Project

The single family house was beginning under the construction at 206 Domer Avenue close to the Sligo Rock Park in Takoma Park, MD. two months ago. It is now for sale in the lot with 6500 sq. ft. owned by the architectural designer as a developer. For further assistance, call Robert at 202-540-8889.

A 3,650 Sq.Ft. contemporary green house with two levels and basement is located on a beautiful woodland site with a slope very close to the Sligo Rock Park in Takoma Park, MD. The three types of the structure to build a house are steel, insulated concrete form and concrete lite-deck. The carport for two cars is on the basement level with three opening walls to the environment. On first floor, the kitchen is in the middle with opening space between dining and living areas. The working fireplace is located in living with a two story open to the roof. In dining, the gas fire place is placed in the middle wall of the north side of the site. The two separate outdoor decks are located on west side with access to both living and dining. A guest room with a bathroom is located on south side above the carport. On the second floor, a master bedroom with a luxerious bathroom and access to outdoor deck with trellis is on south side above the guest room. A bedroom is located on north side with access to a bathroom. A library and/or art collection is on the middle level above kitchen is facing to the two story open down to living.

Glass, slate, steel column and concrete panel are used in an uncompromisingly contemporary manner, and yet the building’s relationship with the landscape is paramount to the way the house is perceived and inhabited. Merging indoors and out, the exterior stairs with two-way rises on east side of the carport facing a screen of translucent glass, arriving at treated wood deck. Supported on slender steel columns, the structure echoes the rhythm of the poplar and oak trunks surrounding the house. New landscaping bushs and trees will be placed to surround the stairway and along east side of the building, making the structure appear to float amongst the foliage.

The construction of the contemporary house will be substantially completed in spring 2011. If you are interested in the house for more details, please call #202-540-8889.

If you would like to tour the house project, please follow this link below:

For information about buying the house, please contact David Maplesden of The Maplesden Group/Long and Foster at his office: 301-891-8716; cell: 202-270-7253