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Renovation Project

Princeton House Renovation

The project is a 1954 one-story house in original condition (see photos below), 2850 SF, with a two car garage within the structure.  An in-ground pool was added in 1962.  The program required 850 SF of renovation and 1250 SF of new construction.

The solution for this renovation was based on meeting program requirements while maintaining the character of the existing structure.  The added space was found by pushing perimeter to the edge of the rectangle already implied by the terraced exterior spaces, both front and back.  The original roofline was maintained, with the exception of the new studio behind the garage, and the master bedroom; but those, took continue the existing sillouette.

Larger interior spaces were created with a minimum of interior demolition or wall realignment.  For example, the dining room was made larger by removing the partition parallel to the cellar stairs, and turning the axis of the room 45 degrees.  More light is let in through the two layers of windows on the screened porch.  The kitchen was enlarged by overtaking the space that had been the exterior entrance.  A double row of skylights were added to the roof at the overhang and behind the gutter over the kitchen interior.

The orientation of the house allowed the screened porch to have an exterior wall of screens, as well as having its roof totally composed of skylights.

Because of the soundness of the original relationships of spaces to one another, the strategy of pushing the exterior walls out achieves the desired programmatic result with a minimum of intrusiveness or distortion of original character.  The renovations, particularly the extensive window additions in the back and in the ktchen, introduce lightness and color through transparency and the painted wood window frames.