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Renovation Project

Ford Residence Kitchen Renovation & Living Remodeling

Built in 1986, this 3.5-level, 4,500 square-foot home in suburban Washington, DC, features an outdoor deck, swimming pool, and side-yard terrace. The renovation includes a remodeled kitchen, with living, breakfast, and dining areas, and a remodeled foyer and main stair. The electrical system was upgraded for new and existing light fixtures.

The renovation provides the clients, who are hearing-impaired, with a living space that meets their unique needs. Because both residents are unable to hear signals from the home security and smoke detector systems, as well as other sounds such as the telephone and doorbell, a safe, comfortable, convenient, and communicative accessible light system was the design solution. A notification control center integrates telephone, doorbell, home security, and smoke detector signals into a house-wide signaling relay. The visual signals produced by these alarms are bright enough to be viewed directly in every space of the house.

The remodeled kitchen features new cabinets with universal design and a rolling cabinet with folding countertop, light fixtures, and appliances. The rolling cabinet also features a universal design; it rotates, enabling hearing-impaired residents to see the signals flashing from the doorbell and telephone. Two spotlights under the upper cabinets are accessible, and they are wired to flash when the doorbell, telephone, smoke detectors, or security system requires attention.

The renovation, however, did more than simply meet the client’s need for a safe home. It unified the requisite technology with a natural, environmentally focused design. Wood cabinets, granite countertops, and hardwood floors exemplify the project’s use of natural light, color, and texture.